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Kurl Potion is a "Superfood Milk" that contains a powerful complex of conditioning and ultra-hydrating bio-amino acids. It defines, nourishes and structures textured hair. It helps promote full curls, improving the density and texture of each curl. By blocking environmental humidity, it limits frizz. Our extract contains 17 different amino acids (arginine, alanine, leucine...) that maintain moisture, strengthen the fibre and increase elasticity to protect against damage. Bamboo extract seals the cuticle allowing the formation of uniform and shiny curls. 
The formula is light and creamy so as not to weigh down curls!

• Sweet almond oil softens and facilitates detangling.
• Quinoa penetrates the hair fibre to protect it from environmental stress.
• Bamboo, rich in silica, restructures and limits breakage.
• Olive softens and shines.

Kurl Potion

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