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98,6 % natural origin ingredients, the Sunshine Clean shampoo treats sensitive scalps related problems thanks to its dermo-soothing and purifying agents that rebalance pH.
Its sweet pomegranate smell makes your hair routine sunny! Your washing routine becomes a pure moment of happiness.
This shampoo is suited for wavy, curly, kinky and coily hair.

• The coconut washing base combined to vegetable glycerin brings hydration, helps detangle and defines your curls.
• The panthenol B5 is a strengthening and repairing active. It leaves hair shiny, soft and easy to comb.
• The lemon essential oil regulates sebum secretion, soothes and purifies the scalp.
• The anti-dandruff asset composed of amino-acid is dermo-soothing, dermo-purifying and dermo-protective at the same time.



Sunshine Clean

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